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My Services

Once you make contact I will set up an initial assessment. This session forms the assessment lasting 50mins. This is to assess your presenting issues and to go over the boundaries and function of counselling. I believe that in this session it is as much about you assessing me, as it is me assessing you.
It is important that you feel safe and able to work with me in order to begin a commitment to therapy.

During this session we will also discuss cost, frequency and confidentiality boundaries. You will also have every opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Below is a list of prices and service options to choose from in order to best serve your individual needs. 

Face to Face Counselling:
Sliding scale £60 - £90
These are face to face, 50-minute sessions held at my practice at 394 Camden Road North London.

Skype / Phone Sessions: Sliding scale £60 - £90
Skype / Phone sessions last 50 minutes. These sessions suit people who have a busy lifestyle or are unable to attend a face to face session.  


One on One Double Session: Sliding scale £90 - £120 
Sometimes 50 minutes can seem too short for everything you feel you need to work through. Occasionally, following discussion, you may choose to have a double session which lasts for 90 minutes

Home Visits: Sliding scale £130 - £150 (within the Central London area) Following discussion and an assessment (in person or by phone), You may decide, or wish to have counselling sessions in your home. These sessions suit those who do not feel able to travel to a session. Single sessions last 50 minutes  

Groupwork. (£70 per person per 90-minute group)
Group therapy can be a very powerful forum in which to undergo therapy and can assist with issues around interpersonal skills and relationships. When part of a therapeutic group many of our struggles can be held and supported as part of a process, assisting greatly in learning how you are perceived, and your role within relationships. My group practice is also based in central London.